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   Late 60s Ducati 350 Sebring project bike, now currently parked at RCK in Riverside, Ca. The bike will get new Bridgestone rubbers, a fresh motor, new wiring, and seat. The paint will most likely stay, giving the bike a dirty rat look, with subtle technology here and there. I am lookikg at putting LED lighting in the stock headlight housing and will work on a LED unit for the rear.



laguna seca 2011

the year, 1989, my first time at laguna seca and i am in total awe of the machines before my very eyes that had only raced the year before in 1988 with the return of gran prix bikes back in the u.s.a, machines that up until then were only found in magazines and on broadcasts of races 2 months after they had happened. i had found my spiritual home. the race however was marred by the post race crash of bubba shobert, ending his career as a racer and eliminating the possibility of yet another american world champion.
the sights of exotic 2 strokes, ducatis, and the sounds from those said bikes was as good as any heavy metal show i had ever seen, laguna seca was a mystery and a jewel, an adventure for the motorhead, and escape from the dreary car to car world.
in the following years i would run into and thank eddie lawson for his contributions to the sport, and i would watch the u.s.a. lose the gp once again.
the next few years we would enjoy world superbike, and those years were simply out of control, the 2 race format is hard to beat, and with 1000cc ducatis fighting it out with the fastest 750cc four cylinders, this was still the best show in california. after having stayed in various hotels previously, by the time the sbk show came to town i was camping just above what is now known as rainey curve. the legendary parties are of no fables, and the entertainment on cannery row was a lot of fun too, anyone remember the blue fin? campers that had ventured into "town" had a midnight gate curfew, and i believe the 3rd time camping i made it by 2 minutes, driving sane and safe of course as monterey police are out in force during the racing events.
when word of the return of motoGP was echoed in the racing community, i pre-ordered camping, tickets, pit passes, i was ready this time. the 990 machines were by far the most wicked beasts i had ever seen, far faster than the 500s, i almost felt ripped off as the bikes were gone as fast they got there...
since the return of the u.s. round of motoGP, lodging had swung back to hotels, both good and bad. some of the adventures were borderline nightmares, one year after having driven 400+ miles  i arrived at my hotel to discover bank of america had lost my payroll check that had been deposited to a human teller. after 3 hours on the phone BofA agreed the money should be there, re-deposited the funds, explaining that in the morning i would have full access to all my hard earned monies. calling the next morning nearly got me on the news, the funds had been removed from my account.
since that trip i have slept in my element in a secret camping location twice now, and this year was going to be no different. well, i will be camping, but at the track this time, not in the same area as my previous journeys took me, my new camping area will be on the other side of the track, facing turn 2, a new era of lodging has begun.
as soon as i get my area set up i will post about the trip, and after the days events are completed i will upload pics.
i am looking forward to congratulating greg wood on his first motoGP win via his rider ben spies, woody is a really cool guy and obviously a decent good luck charm.
this is going to be fun...

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ben spies does assen american style!

Ben Spies has won his first GP race on the factory yamaha, the former American and World Superbike champion has a history of winning and collecting championships, if the past is any indication of the future, this is going to be good.

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motoGP is go! images from FP1 @qatar

valentino rossi debuts new helmet at doha, qatar for the kick off race in motoGP for 2011
nicky hayden waves to lora from georgia as he gets ready to remount for another ride aboard the GP11 ducati
 cal crutchlow the newest tech 3 from the u.k. requiring help to loop his helmet strap, his left pinky was ground off a bit in a crash from the previous day
tom houseworth tells the crew to get the f-in bike started as ben spies waits to go back out in FP1
 greg wood holds the rear of the sexy factory M1 yamaha for ben spies as he readies to attack FP1 with his elbows out style that won numerous US superbike championships and the 2009 world superbike championship
valentino rossi, true living legend, and motoGP god does his pre boarding ritual before returning to the doha tarmac on the ducati GP11. valentino rossi needs no introduction, and if you do not know who he is, then you my friend, are a donkey...

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curse? what curse? disalvo takes the 200 on a ducati?!

the 2011 daytona 200 miler was won by privateer jason disalvo on board a latus motors racing ducati 848EVO(rick, this is not an atv by the way), breaking what some have come to call the ducati curse, and in his first race on the bike. the racing gnome looked quite happy after the race, good luck to jason and his crew, with no race in southern califronia this year, we wont be able to say good ride in person.
word from the guys at ducati usa is "we are on our way to disneyland, bbl".

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world superbike delivers the goods

carlos checa stalked and walked in both legs of the first round of world superbike in australia. marco melandri had an awesome battle with leon haslam for 3rd place, haslam would of course come out on top for the bottom of the box, max biaggi (current world superbike champion) nabbed second ripping around on the v4 aprilia. race 2 the battle was for 2nd place, and at times the bikes were nearly 4 wide, bitchen action that was truly some of the best superbike racing since colin edwards and troy bayliss last battled in the series. this time mad max biaggi and marco melandri would duke it out for the second and third spot on the podium, melandris yamaha would get long tracked by biaggis aprilia at the end of the straight, although biaggi would not gap his italian countryman he did take the second spot in true roman emperor fashion.
all of this racing was delivered commercial free from eurosport, complete with pre race grid shots and plenty of post race stuff as well. the europeans just plain get it right, no bullshit, lots of cool shots you just plain dont get with the crap american coverage. watered down is to put it mildly.
in all the glory of action, the camera focused mainly on the battles behind carlos checa, but when he came into view it reminded me of the way a certain carl fogarty worked his craft on the good old 916 ducati. go checa!

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